How is ActHIBsupplied?

ActHIB Vaccine Reconstituted with Saline Diluent (0.4% Sodium Chloride) Single-dose, lyophilized vaccine vial (NDC 49281-547-58) packaged with single-dose diluent vial (NDC 49281-546-05). Supplied as package of 5 vials each (NDC 49281-545-05). TriHIBit Vaccine, ActHIB Vaccine Reconstituted with Tripedia Vaccine Single-dose, lyophilized vaccine vial (NDC 49281-545-50) packaged with single-dose diluent vial of Tripedia vaccine (NDC 49281-298-01). Supplied as package of 5 vials each (NDC 49281-59705). Storage Store lyophilized vaccine packaged with saline diluent (0.4% Sodium Chloride) or Tripedia vaccine at 2° to 8°C (35° to 46°F). DO NOT FREEZE. REFERENCES 19 American Academy of Pediatrics. Immunization in Special Clinical Circumstances. In: Peter G, ed. 1994 Red Book: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases. 23rd ed. Elk Grove Village, IL 51-52, 1994. Manufactured by: Sanofi Pasteur SA, Lyon France, US Govt License #1724. Distributed by: Sanofi Pasteur Inc., Swiftwater PA 18370 USA, 1-800-VACCINE (1-800-822-2463). Revised: Jan 2014 Last reviewed on RxList: 8/21/2014
This monograph has been modified to include the generic and brand name in many instances.