Site-of-care shifts: 5 implications for life sciences strategy

Site-of-care shifts are not new to health care, but momentum has picked up in the last two years due to policy changes, evolving purchaser preferences, and advances in technology. As surgical and diagnostic services migrate to ambulatory settings, and digital health and home-based care grow in popularity, providers and health care purchasers are adjusting their short- and long-term strategies.


Life sciences organizations also need to revisit the way they do business, so we have researched:

  • The five site-of-care shifts to watch

  • How the use of drugs, diagnostics and medical equipment is changing

  • How purchasing priorities are evolving

  • Why and how you should re-think your customer engagement and evidence generation strategies

Download this briefing to understand the shifts impacting your customers, how life sciences organizations need to adapt, and how you can empower your field teams to collect the market insight you need to stay competitive.


Download the Briefing

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