Medicare Advantage: Data-driven insights on how seniors select MA plans

Medicare Advantage (MA) is lucrative for health plans, and the market is growing rapidly as thousands of seniors age into Medicare each day and increasingly choose MA over traditional Medicare.

Seniors today have a record number of MA options from which to choose, so plans must fine-tune their understanding of seniors’ preferences and decision-making to stand out in a fiercely competitive market.

Advisory Board surveyed 1397 older adults (ages 60+) to understand:

•  How seniors are exposed to Medicare Advantage

•  How they prioritize benefits and other aspects of product design

•  How they weigh options for switching between plans

Based on the survey results, we developed nine takeaways on what matters most to seniors when selecting a Medicare product, and what drives differences in overall satisfaction. Download this excerpt of our executive briefing to get the first three of our nine takeaways, which will help you get into the minds of seniors and more effectively meet their needs. (If you are a member of Advisory Board’s Health Plan Advisory Council, you can access the full executive briefing here).


Download the Excerpt

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