5 trends that will shape rheumatology in 2024 and beyond

Patients count on their community-based rheumatology providers to deliver high-quality care. However, behind the scenes, rheumatology practices must navigate immense complexity, as they grapple with a growing population in need of their care, increasing value-based care expectations from payers, and an influx of new treatment innovations.

The good news is that Cardinal Health — which helps more than 1,300 rheumatology providers nationwide run their practices smoothly, profitably and independently — has predicted five industry trends that will give rheumatologists and their staff a renewed sense of optimism in 2024. Learn how these trends will provide today’s rheumatology practices with opportunities to spend more time on patient care, expand care continuity, reduce administration burdens, increase their autonomy, and drive significant cost savings for the healthcare industry, too.


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