What is the prognosis for Bronchiectasis?

  • Bronchiectasis describes damage to the walls of the bronchial tubes with loss of the smooth muscle and loss of elasticity of segments of the bronchi. The resultant airway distortion prevents secretions from being adequately cleared from the lung.
  • Bronchiectasis may be congenital or acquired. Cystic fibrosis is the most common cause of congenital bronchiectasis.
  • Symptoms of bronchiectasis include
    • increased sputum production,
    • bloody sputum,
    • shortness of breath,
    • weakness, and
    • fatigue.
  • Diagnosis is often made by history and confirmed by CT scan of the chest. Efforts may be made to find the underlying cause of bronchiectasis.
  • Complications include recurrent pneumonia, respiratory failure, and heart failure.
  • Bronchiectasis is not curable. The goal for treatment is to control secretions and minimize the risk of infections.

Source: http://www.emedicinehealth.com