What are the causes for Finger Injuries?

  • Ligaments are the tough tissues that hold two bones together and stabilize a joint.
  • A ligament may be torn by a forceful stretch or blow, leaving the joint unstable and prone to further injury.
Tendon injuries
  • Tendons are the fibrous bands that attach muscles to bones and allow the flexible, precise movements of the joints.
  • Tendons lie just under the skin in the fingers and are covered by a protective sheath.
  • Both the tendon and its sheath can be damaged by a laceration (cut) or a crush injury.
  • A tendon can also be torn away from its bony attachment, which is called an avulsion fracture.
Nerve injuries
  • Sensation to the finger is supplied by four nerves, two (dorsal and volar digital nerves) running along each side of the finger.
  • Damaging the nerve can cause numbness on the side of the finger supplied by the nerve.

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