What are the side effects of A/B Otic?

Note: This page contains information about the side effects of antipyrine / benzocaine otic. Some of the dosage forms included on this document may not apply to the brand name A / B Otic.

Not all side effects for A / B Otic may be reported. You should always consult a doctor or healthcare professional for medical advice. Side effects can be reported to the FDA here.

For the Consumer

Applies to antipyrine / benzocaine otic: otic solution

Along with its needed effects, antipyrine / benzocaine otic may cause some unwanted effects. The following side effects may mean that you are having an allergic reaction to the medicine.

Stop using the medicine right away if any of them occur. Check with your doctor if any of the following effects continue or are bothersome:

  • Itching, burning, redness, or oozing sores in the ear

For Healthcare Professionals

Applies to antipyrine / benzocaine otic: otic solution


Antipyrine-benzocaine otic is generally well tolerated.[Ref]

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